INTERNATIONAL JEWELERS LONDON SHOW (IJL) is a unique event that brings together the most prestigious and respected designers and jewelers from the world. This year, just like the previous year, the show took place at Kensington Olympia, from the 3rd to the 5th of September.

This time, they had a special meaning for me, mainly because of the participation of Polish artists, among them three artists, who have been collaborating for years with my Silver Chamber Jewelery. Their works were presented by Eliza and Krzysztof Bondaruk, famous under the BONDAROWSKI brand, who came to London from Poland and specifically from Podlasie. Their jewelery is a combination of classic jewelery of the modern era - on the one hand carved stone faces, enameled flowers and scarabs, gilded filigrees with Art Nouveau vibe that impressed the visitors from all over the world, and on the other hand carbine discs and rovings adorned with our beautiful Baltic amber, which appeared at this year's show.

"We are very pleased with the participation in IJL London, the organization of the fair, the catwalk and the entire trade fair everything is on the highest level. In addition to the stand where we presented our jewelry, we also took part in a fashion show and some of our works have been presented in New Designers' Cabinet. This is a great solution for new exhibitors. "

Pawel Lech, with his ugliness in the name UGLY JEWELERY, who has been living and creating in the UK for many years, attracted not only his creations, not only the students of the artistic school who were intrigued by the workshop and the technique in which his works were performed, but primarily the owners of the galleries and boutiques.

" For me this year, was the first time on IJL London, actually it was a first time at all :) . I have no idea what I can expect and what will happen. My jewellry, due to my earlier experience and background (Poland), is different from the British style and designs .... I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. Many people positively expressed the difference, many students asked about the techniques and way that I made the products. The  galleries and boutiques ovners looked with interest at my jewelley, and inquired about the prices . I hope that the next fair will allow me to build a network of business contacts."

I also had the pleasure to meet young designers such as Monika Kamycka from MONAPINK, who presented two contrasting collections of silver and enamel - one monochrome ('Night & Day'), the other colorful ('Luminos') appeared on the catwalk in the spring trends for 2019., as an alternative to the gemstones jewelery, addressed to an ethically conscious consumer.

"I've participated in IJL for the first time and it was great. It's really amazing how months of preparations converge three days of the exhibition, where you are able to meet very interesting people from the industry, talking on the latest trends in jewelery and confronts your vision of the brand and the product. I was very happy when the "Ray" earring from the "Luminous" collection was chosen for the fashion show announcing the spring trend "Chase the Rainbow." See you next year!"

Aleksandra Bartnicka 'Lills' and her extremely delicate and feminine jewelry made of gold and precious and semi-precious stones, which in a unique way composed with colored moss, creating one of the most beautiful stalls not only among New Designers on IJL 2017.

There were also two artists who live and work in the United Kingdom - first time at IJL - Beta Gregorczyk with her beautiful collection of Baltic amber cuffs and Joanna Wieteska "Owl Bijou", who presented her collections of silver-titanium flowers, which impressed visitors with its mesmerism.


"I've been running 'Owl Bijou' for five years and I've been attending various fairs in the English market. The idea for IJL in London proved to be a success and a fantastic experience. As a daughter of a jeweler who designs and performs artistic jewelery I have great respect for handmade designs. The ability to promote Polish jewelry abroad is a great pleasure and satisfaction. These projects are primarily modern and competitive "