Between dreams Silver Amethyst & Silk Sari Ribbon Bracelet (set)


Romantic bracelet, a set of three separate, made of silver, natural minerals and silk sari ribbon.

The main accent is a silver, hand-made flower. It adorns one of the three bracelets included in the set. Two strings of minerals contain hematite in shades of cobalt and violet.
The second bracelet includes amethyst and hematite.

The third bracelet is hand-dyed silk sari in shades of navy blue, blue and violet with notes of pink.

If necessary, the bracelet can be refreshed by hand washing in a gentle liquid and warm water, drying on a towel.
Each of the bracelets is finished with a separate clasp, so you can compose them in any way and wear together or separately.

Silver oxidized and polished.
The length of bracelets is about 19,5 cm (7.68 in) plus a regulatory chain.
The diameter of the silver flower is 1.8 cm (0,7 in).

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