Broken Porcelain Silver Necklace With a Baranczak Poem


Silver necklace with a poem by Stanisław Barańczak. I don't want to spoil the beauty of the poem by badly translating it. The poem, in general, is about not regreting things, that have to be left behind as a person can never feel like he/she is "home", or belongs somewhere, and that nothing is forever. The poem begins with words: "If porcelain, than only like one, that would not cause regreat destroyed under carrier's shoe or tank's caterpillar track..." Therefore the title of this piece and the shape - like random broken pieces of procelain.
Dimensions: strings length (coated stainless steel): 37,5 cm, silver pieces: 6 cm long x 16,5 cm wide, necklace length on neck: about 20 cm
The jewelry is packed in an elegant box, which is filled with protecting silver material and white feathers. The package is wrapped with a linen string. I give 2 years guarantee to all my creations.


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