Himalayan Glow Hand Carved Natural Crystal Salt Lamp


Material: Salt
Size: About 8cm in diameter, Height 14cm or so.

Size 1:Plug Specifications US regulations
Size 2:Plug Specifications UK regulations
Size 3:Plug Specifications EU regulations

Switch Type: Knob for dimming.
The Power Cord is 1.45 meters long.
Bulb: 15W
Suit For :
1,Regular use of computers, contact with electromagnetic waves of office workers;
2, Long-term sitting limbs of the end of the cycle of poor people;
3, Suffering from asthma, allergy patients;
4, Often smoking people;
5, Regular insomnia;
6, Older aging or physical weakness;
7, Weekdays have meditation, do yoga habits; pay attention to body health.
Salt Lamp Maintenance:
in the normal environment, salt lamps will not melt, and only in a particularly humid environment for a long time without lit salt lamp will appear salt deliquescence situation, if your salt lamp appears deliquescence The phenomenon, you do not have to worry about, salt lamp surface dissolved will not affect the life of salt lamps, the general life of a salt lamp in more than 10 years. If the salt lamp appears deliquescence phenomenon, please light the salt lamp, and soon part of the surface of the lamp will dissolve dry. Mainly used for: Khan steam room, family, hotel.
Note: Each salt lamp is a natural shape, natural salt lamps shipped randomly, the weight of each will be different.
Package Containing: Salt Lamp x1. Folding Packaging.
Color Box Size: 14 * 14 * 22cm

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